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About Us


Huanggang Zhonglan Kiln&Furnace Co., LTD is the specialized kiln construction enterprise in the metallurgy, coking, carbon, refractories, bricks, garbage disposal, electrical ceramics, ceramic profession of China, which has the comprehensive strength of scientific research, the design, construction, installation,thermal debugging and technical consultation; the existing staff is 2860,the senior engineers, senior economists, engineers, accountants, economists and all kinds of professional technical personnel are 368.


The company has successively contracted more than 4100 industrial kilns of different industries, different types in domestic 28 provinces, cities, autonomous regions; it also cooperate with the kiln field of the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy, Austria, Australia, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Korea and other countries and Taiwan on technological exchange projects, and establish the long-term technological cooperation relations with the domestic well-known institutes of the metallurgical, coking, carbon, refractories,bricks, electrical ceramics, ceramics and relevant information system.


The company always adhere to honesty, which has been known as “our country’s kiln invincible army” by the national quality association, the excellent kiln construction enterprise of “the exquisite technology, reliable quality, first-class service” by domestic and foreign customers; it has been recommended to the international and domestic customers as 100 well-known enterprises of national construction, building materials system by the People's Daily, evaluated “the national AAA level good faith demonstration unit” by the Chinese Enterprise Federation, rated “the good faith unit” by the human resources and social security hall of Hubei, elected “the enterprise of abiding by strictly contract and being trust worthy” by Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce of Hubei province, chosen as "the advanced construction enterprise" by the housing and urban construction department over the years.


Zhonglan kiln always adhere to the idea of conducting the business with integrity, using the well-knit work style, strict construction management program, the service consciousness for the sake of users wholeheartedly, creating the quality engineering,starting from a bit, making the customers satisfied and relieved.Sincerely welcome old and new customers to our company to inspect and instruct work.


Copyright © 2010 Huanggang Zhonglan Kiln&Furnace Co.,Ltd. all rights reserved.

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